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Augusto Morari. GIUSEPPE BAZZANI. 1690-1769 DISEGNI


Giuseppe Bazzani

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All came from outside, the great artists working in Mantua during the Mantuan Gonzaga seigniory; it is a little regrettable that the first great artist born here waited until the time of foreign domination to manifest himself. But this did not detract from Giuseppe Bazzani's genius; if anything, it harmed his fortune, which until recently was restricted to the sphere of his activity, namely the city and its territory. Only half a century or so has passed since exhibitions and publications have finally placed him among the masters of 18th century Europe, and he is now present in the continent's major museums, as well as in America.

The Diocesan Museum of Mantua believes it has contributed to his notoriety by bringing together here its largest public collection, consisting of paintings from the entire span of his activity. And now, on the 250th anniversary of his departure, the Museum is honoured to present his collection again, together with two other temporary sections, for which Augusto Morari is to be credited. For the first time, he has brought together all the surviving expressions of a hitherto misunderstood sphere of Bazzani's activity, the evocative drawings, scattered halfway around the world. And with them, another conspicuous number of paintings, also misunderstood, generously loaned by private collectors. Perhaps never before have so many works by the master been exhibited together. But after two centuries of silence, it was due to him.

ISBN: 978-88-85614-42-0
Printer: Publi Paolini Mantova
Year of edition: 2019
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