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Augusto Morari

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Thirty years have passed since the last exhibition dedicated to Giuseppe Bazzani: on the 250th anniversary of his death, the diocesan museum pays tribute to him for his intense activity and for having reached international heights of creativity. Heir to a glorious artistic past, he grasped the last echoes of the culture and love for art of the Gonzaga dynasty and despite the not always favourable wartime and political events, he inserted himself in the history of art with high-level works.

With his intelligence and sensitivity he was in the vanguard, anticipating the characteristics and peculiarities of European painting.

The initiative promoted by the Diocesan Museum, in which a large number of his works are conserved, has been joined by public administrations such as the municipality of Mantua, the BAM foundation, Tea, the Palazzo d'Arco Foundation, and the Comunità Mantovana Onlus, and these have been joined by private companies and collectors. I would like to thank all those who lent the works published here, who participate with their generosity in the homage paid to the Mantuan artist. Particular credit is due to the scholars Chiara Tellini Perina, who printed two systematic and refined monographs in 1970 and 1976, and Flavio Caroli, who printed a monograph in 1988 with a collection of all known works by the author and also curated the magnificent exhibition held at Palazzo d'Arco. In recent years, Stefano L'Occaso has rediscovered important documents and sources of the master's early activity and works, which have made it possible to clarify the artist's pictorial path and reconstruct his personality with greater precision. With this exhibition of around ninety works, which are not usually easily visible, it is believed to have made a contribution to greater knowledge of the artist, art and culture.

ISBN: 978-88-85614-43-7
Printer: Publi Paolini Mantova
Year of edition: 2019
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