Marketplace NFT

- is a marketplace for the sale of NFTMicros of traditional works of art, the proceeds of which go towards the preservation of the works themselves

- NFTMicros are issued at an affordable price for everyone, from 0.10€ to 10€.

- The Museo Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga in Mantua is the first to use this innovative service: it will sell NFTMicros from its entire collection

- An original and altruistic thought: give NFTMicro to your loved ones and help a museum

Milan, 15 May 2023. A new way to support conservation in museums is born: AerariumChain has launched the NFTMicro marketplace The Museo Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga in Mantua leads the way in using this innovative fundraising service. Starting with the treasury of its own works, faithful digital copies have been created that art lovers can collect by purchasing NFTMicro from the AerariumChain marketplace. The price is affordable for everyone: less than 1€.

By accessing the marketplace it will be possible to view the entire digitised collection of the Diocesan Museum (over 100 pieces currently available including paintings

sculptures, tapestries, jewellery, armour...) and buy NFTMicros of your favourite works, thus directly supporting the museum in raising funds for restoration and conservation activities.

"To finally see our marketplace online is a great achievement, but in turn only a starting point: it is a challenge in which we have put all our

efforts because we are convinced that museums already have everything they need to generate the necessary funds to maintain their heritage. It is a

sustainable way of combining new technologies with traditional art, while still respecting the rights of the works, but managing to bring out the intrinsic value of the artwork.

the intrinsic value of art and culture. All this is possible thanks to the contribution of new digital patrons and the most exciting news is

that each of us can become one with just a few euros," says Danilo Rea, CEO and co-founder of AerariumChain.

All NFTMicros issued comply with copyright and image rights regulations and are produced by the museums themselves.

For Don Stefano Savoia, director of the Diocesan Museum, "we saw a great potential in this project, because for us it is an

innovative model of fundraising in which the museum has no costs and is losing neither the ownership nor the rights to the works. The way it is designed, it is a model that has great opportunities and minimises any risk. This is why we wanted to get involved from the outset. We expect great interest both from the local Mantuan community, such as companies and institutions that are always very sensitive to culture, and from new players in the

NFT world who will approach our museum in a different way'.

What are NFTMicros

AerariumChain's NFTMicros are an innovative way of raising funds for museums through the creation of a digital collection of artworks

authentic works of art. This initiative not only aims to bring beauty and passion for art into the digital world, but also supports the conservation and restoration of

cultural and artistic heritage. By selling NFTMicros online, museums can more easily finance the restoration, preservation and maintenance of their collections, while reaching a new audience of digital collectors.

In addition to the main purpose, which is to raise funds, AerariumChain designed the NFTMicros with special features that we report for


be liquid (i.e. easily resaleable),

not generate fictitious value on the market

make the purchase of a single NFT affordable and therefore democratic,

be efficient in terms of transactions,

be economically sustainable in the medium to long term,

be sustainable by using technologies with a negative environmental impact.

How to buy NFTMicro

The NFTMicros available on the marketplace are real digital copies of the works in the museum. They have been created from very high definition 3D scans

definition (made by the Artmen, the expert operators of AerariumChain) from which unique keys are generated and notarised on the blockchain. Buying NFTMicro is very simple. After creating your account on AerariumChain, simply create, or link, a digital wallet to acquire

the necessary Algo with which to buy NFTMicros. If you are new to the world of NFT and blockchain, it is also possible to purchase vouchers complete with everything you need to get started: both the cryptocurrencies needed for transactions (such as Algo and USDC) and the first NFTMicros to start the collection. Very useful is knowing that these vouchers can be given directly to friends or relatives: an original, innovative and altruistic way to give a different gift, in which you also contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage. By buying or giving NFTMicros as a gift, you get a 3D digital experience

of the works in your possession. The more NFTMicros you buy, the more benefits you get, this is a new way to become a 21st century art patron.

AerariumChain: who we are

AerariumChain is a cloud service to help preserve our cultural and artistic heritage through today's best technologies. Thanks

the integration of ultra-high definition 3D scanning, blockchain and artificial intelligence, AerariumChain aims to generate new value for museums, institutions and individuals, offering solutions for the digitisation and preservation of works, their monitoring, as well as their accessibility and enjoyment for every need. AerariumChain is a project developed by Werea S.r.l., whose investors include the Giordano Dell'Amore Foundation, Borderless Capital, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Startup Wise Guys. The project launched with the Museo Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga was made possible

thanks to the support of the Lombardy Region, Unioncamere Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo, through the InnovaMusei pathway.

Spesa oggetto del contributo nell'ambito del bando PNRR, Missione 1 – Digitalizzazione, innovazione, competitività e cultura, Componente 3 – Cultura 4.0 (M1C3), Misura 1 “Patrimonio culturale per la prossima generazione”, Investimento 1.2: “Rimozione delle barriere fisiche e cognitive in musei, biblioteche e archivi per consentire un più ampio accesso e partecipazione alla cultura” finanziato dall’Unione europea – NextGenerationEU“ – CUP: C64H22001410004.