Our Mission

A museum is "a permanent, non-profit institution, at the service of society and its development. It is open to the public and carries out research concerning material and non-material evidence of humanity and its environment; it acquires, preserves, communicates and, above all, exhibits them for the purposes of study, education and enjoyment" (I.C.O.M. 2004).

The aims of museum activity are the following:

  1. To protect the cultural, religious and artistic heritage of the area
  2. To enhance, through study and permanent exhibition, cultural heritage of particular artistic, historical and demo-anthropological value
  3. Preserving, recovering and restoring cultural heritage belonging to ecclesiastical bodies in the Mantua Diocese;
  4. Implement cultural and educational initiatives related to Mantua's art and religious history aimed at disseminating culture among citizens with specific attention to students, the elderly and disadvantaged segments of the population who would otherwise not have access to quality cultural offerings
  5. To organise and manage cultural, artistic or recreational activities of social interest, including activities, including publishing, for the promotion and dissemination of culture
  6. Organising and managing tourist activities and events of social, cultural or religious interest as well as training events aimed at citizenship

Spesa oggetto del contributo nell'ambito del bando PNRR, Missione 1 – Digitalizzazione, innovazione, competitività e cultura, Componente 3 – Cultura 4.0 (M1C3), Misura 1 “Patrimonio culturale per la prossima generazione”, Investimento 1.2: “Rimozione delle barriere fisiche e cognitive in musei, biblioteche e archivi per consentire un più ampio accesso e partecipazione alla cultura” finanziato dall’Unione europea – NextGenerationEU“ – CUP: C64H22001410004.