What it is

It is a voluntary association founded in September 2011, registered in the Provincial Section of Mantua in the Lombardy Regional Register. For this reason Mirabilia is ONLUS by right. With the reform of the Third Sector inaugurated in 2017 the association is named Mirabilia ODV

Where it is

The association's headquarters is in Mantua at Piazza Virgiliana 55.


Many of Mirabilia's members work as volunteers and thus support the work of the Museo Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga. In accordance with the association's statutes, they are therefore committed to the dissemination of the culture of traditions and art among the citizens.

Donate 5 per thousand of your IRPEF tax to Mirabilia. When you fill in your income tax return you will have to indicate Mirabilia's tax code in the space provided: 93062970202

Save on taxes, make a donation to Mirabilia Onlus!

There are other ways to concretely help the association and the diocesan museum, ways that will allow you to save on taxes. If you would like to pay further sums to Mirabilia Onlus, it is important to know that such donations made as liberal donations can be deducted from taxation.

Mirabilia is formally a voluntary organisation registered with the Provincial Section of Mantua in the Regional Volunteer Register under no. 235 since 20/12/2011.

As a registered Voluntary Organisation, the Association is a non-profit organisation by right (Art 10, c 8, Legislative Decree 460/97); natural persons and legal entities may therefore deduct donations made in favour of our association within the limits and in the manner established by law (Art. 102, par. 1 of Legislative Decree 117/2017 pursuant to Art. 1, par. 2, letter B of Law no. 106 of 6 June 2016; Art. 83, par. 1 of Legislative Decree 117/2017).

The Association certifies that it meets all the subjective and objective requirements required by the aforementioned regulations, including the keeping of proper accounts and the preparation of annual financial statements.

We remain at your disposal to offer any clarifications. Contact us directly, and we invite you in any case to discuss the matter with a professional of your choice.

Our current account:



Causale: Liberal donation

Spesa oggetto del contributo nell'ambito del bando PNRR, Missione 1 – Digitalizzazione, innovazione, competitività e cultura, Componente 3 – Cultura 4.0 (M1C3), Misura 1 “Patrimonio culturale per la prossima generazione”, Investimento 1.2: “Rimozione delle barriere fisiche e cognitive in musei, biblioteche e archivi per consentire un più ampio accesso e partecipazione alla cultura” finanziato dall’Unione europea – NextGenerationEU“ – CUP: C64H22001410004.