The museum for the school

The richness and variety of museum collections offer schools of all kinds and levels a wide range of possible feedback, to demonstrate or supplement classroom programmes. Visits can be guided personally by the teacher, or with the support of qualified museum staff. On request, it is possible to reserve the special educational workshop for the teacher. In any case, it is advisable to book the visit.Routes activated for the current school year

- Knights and crocodiles.

- Animals in the Museum.

- The garden of painters.On the proposed topics, as on any others that may be of interest, the Museum, in agreement with the accompanying teachers, may suggest further indications. The following are just a few examples.The working of matter

- The working of marble (sculptures) and wood (painted panels; sculptures; furniture).

- The working of metals (armour; goldsmithing; enamelling; niello works).

- Carving and marquetry (ivory; metals; wood; noble stones).

- Painting techniques (miniature; tempera; oil; watercolour; engraving; drawing; fabric).Thematic routes

- History of the city and its territory. Among its peculiarities, the Museum presents punctual references to all phases of Mantuan events over the last two thousand years. Some aspects find particular development here, so as to present themselves as themes in their own right: the Middle Ages, the Gonzagas, the 18th century, the memory of the Precious Blood or the patron Saint Anselm, the painter Giuseppe Bazzani.

- Treasures of courts, treasures of churches: gold, silver, ivory and precious stones, elaborate in jewellery, caskets, sacred and profane furnishings.

- Illustrious Mantuans (portraits of personalities such as Matilda of Canossa, Duke Charles I Gonzaga, the painter Lanfranco; with works related to each).

- The different trends in 20th-century Mantuan art.

- How they dressed: clothing in relation to class and social role.

- The craft of arms: the famous suits of armour; correspondences in sculptures and paintings.

- Symbols: of power, valour, faith.

- The book through time (painted and ancient royal books, manuscripts and printed books).

- Characters and episodes from the Gospel.

- Saints, Mantuan and otherwise.

Educational activities aimed at schools.

The Museum plans and promotes activities articulated and diversified by school level and subject, carried out both on the premises and in the territory. The projects are aimed at students and teachers of schools of all levels. At the request of individual schools, the Museum also organises refresher and training courses for teachers of all levels Access to the service is subject to payment, unless otherwise specified.

Traineeships and internships

The Museum is available for tutoring both curricular secondary school internship projects and university projects and in general for internships and work placements from other institutions, subject to the signing of an agreement and the preparation of specific training projects. The Museum guarantees assistance, training and verification of the work carried out.

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