March 9 to March 31, 2024
Columns Hall of the Diocesan Museum Francesco Gonzaga


MARINO IOTTI exhibits his paintings at the Diocesan Museum of Mantua from March 9-31, 2024. Sala Colonne with free admission and open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10.00- 12.30 and 15.30- 19.00 or by appointment (info 328 5727 480).

Marino Iotti was born in Reggio Emilia in 1954, approaching painting at a very young age by attending courses taught by Emilian painters and sculptors. In 1978 he began his exhibition activities, turning at first to figurative painting and then moving on to research in the abstract sphere. From then to now his appearances in exhibitions in Italy and abroad are counted in the hundreds.

To the Diocesan Museum of Mantua, at the invitation of Alberto Bernardelli curator now of numerous modern and contemporary art exhibitions, Iotti brings his most recent artistic production.These are large canvases juxtaposed with small wall sculptures and other precious small paintings. The abstract research proceeds with the large spreads of colors that create an environment, a living space, a harmonious place suitable for embracing our imagination.On this basis simultaneous interferences come to life.They are signs, arcane alphabetic characters, scriptures, engravings, and there is no shortage of allusive figurines of the elements of nature or small wooden presences stolen from the woods. Each part tastefully organized in the flow of color with the intention of creating an evocative vision, imbued with poetic will. Iotti interpellates colors and signs by emptying them of documentary intentions and investigating them for their emotional valence. The painter explores the canvas as if it were a diary where he jots down his every mood, where he records the small and large contrarieties that the world imposes on us, without ever renouncing the enchanted gaze and amazement true antidote to indifference. Paintings,therefore, like stories as the title of the exhibition at the Diocesan Museum of Mantua states.

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