Museum collections

Some of the museum art collections.

The Francesco Gonzaga Museum offers a rich and diverse range of precious collections. The visit itinerary starts with a series of ancient sculptures, testifying to the presence in Mantua of Romans, Langobards and Franks, and to the arrival of different art styles, such as Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance.

Then a majestic picture gallery shows the connections between Mantua and the major schools of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque, such as Mantegna’s, Correggio’s, Giulio Romano’s, Fetti’s or Baglione’s, and the local XVIII century glory Giuseppe Bazzani. Not to say about the substantial XX century painting series.

It is then the turn of the golden religious ornaments ordered by the Gonzagas for the Palatine Basilica and the Cathedral of Mantua, the unique XV century armour collection, the precious Limoges enamels, the Byzantine and Arab ivories, the Renaissance tapestries, the new extraordinary collection of Roman coins, and much more.

Though the Francesco Gonzaga Museum is not as huge as the Ducal Palace or as famous as Palazzo Te, you might not say you have seen the most important art museums in Mantua if you have missed this one.